Android + AirPods: app that shows the battery level of the headphones

It is no secret that many owners of Android smartphones use Apple wireless headphones. Quite an important indicator for them is the rest of the battery, and more specifically, the remaining battery life

AirPods from Apple

. Over the past few months, there have been at least three Android apps that help solve this problem by providing clear and convenient indication of interest to the user settings for a bunch of Android-smartphone + AirPods.

Its main functions of each of these applications can display your AirPods and even the charger — as you know, the case for charging saves energy for several cycles of charging the headphones. It should be noted that you will be able to see the remaining battery life of the headphones and charge the charger just in case if one or both AirPods are in the case for charging (the battery life will be displayed in 10% increments).


is the newest of the three applications, and offers a persistent notification that will show you the remaining battery life AirPods and let you know when the time comes to charge either one or both of the earpiece. The app is available in Play Store for purchase for $ 2,49.

Android + AirPods: app that shows the battery level of the headphonesAirBtts

. This app is also available in the Play Store for 2.49 dollar and offers a toast with the statistics of the battery. The display of the charge occurs when you connect a headphone or a tap on the icon. This program has the largest number of reviews with an overall score of 4.4 stars, but some users have reported inaccurate readings of the battery.


This is the only app of the three that is offered for free (supported by advertising). It will also support other wireless headphones — W1 and a large number of wireless Beats headphones.

It is clear that so far, none of these applications are not able to make the rest of the charge was individuals in the process of using headphones — they still have to extract and place in case. Action assigned by default when you click on AirPod – Play / Pause. And yet currently there is no other truly wireless pair of headphones, such as AirPods, which has caused many Android users to use the solution of Apple, probably not even for the sake of sound quality, but just for complete freedom from wires.