Best apps for smart timepieces to Wear OS (2018)

Smart watch

— is essentially a small computer that you wear on your wrist. It counts your steps, displays notifications, it monitors your pulse and, of course, tells time with precision! But what if we tell you that the smart timepiece could be doing much more than that? The smart watch can be small in size but they are equipped with a whole bunch of sensors and have sufficient processing power to run useful applications. This app will help you stay in shape, will allow you to find a way that will help you to follow the latest news and trends — get something that will make the use of the smart timepiece more fun.

Google Wear

is, for example, the LG Watch Sport, the Huawei Watch Skagen 2 and Falster. They and some other models have access to the Play Store and its rich catalog of software. Previously known as

Android Wear

platform written thousands of applications that are just waiting when you will download to your device. We went through a whole lot and identified those that can be worthy of your attention.

Bring! Grocery Shopping

Pen and paper? Maybe it’s time to leave them in the past. Here is an app that allows you to quickly create multiple shopping lists that you can share with your buddies and family members. No need to enter items manually. Instead, you just tap on the items you need to buy. The app allows you to easily add to the database the new position, but can be satisfied and those that are already there.

Google Maps

Google Maps needs no introduction. This app, which you probably already have on your phone. Download it for your smart chronometer on the Wear OS will allow you to track your route without the need to use your phone. Routes are automatically displayed on the display of your wearable. The application supports the recognition of geolocation, which means that navigation data is displayed even in the standby mode.

Locate my parked car (Find my parked car)

The name of this app speaks for itself. When you click the smart watch save the location of your Parking spot and then guides you on the way back to it as soon as you’re finished to move around the city on foot. The app also has a timer function, which will be useful, if payment for a Parking space by the hour.


Instead of wandering for hours in search of a café, you can for a few seconds to find a good place to eat or have coffee. This will help the Foursquare app. Of course, its version for OS Wear is greatly simplified. “What are you?”, asks the app and you choose an item from the list, depending on whether you are looking for a cafe, restaurant, shopping Mall, or just want to see what places are located near you.


Citymapper — this app is for transit, which will help you to avoid and get around the city using the most efficient means of public transport. The offered options include bus, metro, train, ferry, and taxi. Can be picked up routes for car, Bicycle, walking. Version Wear OS applications gives you step-by-step instructions, real-time alerts, letting you know when the time came to change to a different route or altogether change the way of movement. The service is available not everywhere, but in many large cities they have covered, including new York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Seattle, Philadelphia, Chicago and Washington.


If you use Uber, try to use this app for devices on OS Wear. This allows you to call directly from your watch, and you can monitor the arrival of his driver right on your wrist. It’s very cool!


Exercises? You haven’t had time! That’s why we have apps like Seven, and we have a short but vigorous workout, and it all happens under the leadership of the smartwatch located on the wrist. The animation shows what it looks like exercise, light and vibration allow you to understand when it’s time for a short break.


Strava is both a tool for selection and execution of exercises, and a social network that allows you to share your training sessions with like-minded people. A quick click of a button activates the tracking — and the app monitors your movements and monitors your pulse. App Strava to Wear OS allows you to switch between running and Biking.


What song is playing on the radio right now? You can make Shazam listen to it and then give you the answer. The app will also keep track of the songs you were looking for.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music can not only transmit your favorite tunes via Bluetooth and listen to them through headphones. The app allows you to download tracks for listening offline, if your device Wear OS technically supports this process. By the way, a standalone downloadable music can be very enjoyable during long exercises.


Although Spotify for Wear OS and will not allow you to keep your music downloaded in the offline mode, the app will provide quick access to your playlists and music controls. It is an ideal helper: when you rest on the couch and absorbed in the game on your smartphone, then you will not want to interrupt the process to, for example, to repeat or skip a track. With Spotify you can easily get to control the music and give the appropriate command.

Washington Post

If you are used to the hottest news, you can read them directly from your smart watch. At the Washington Post have this great companion app for the Wear OS. The app allows you to view the latest headlines and then read the news on the screen of the smartwatch. There is also the possibility to open / save them on your phone for later reading with the “dial”.


NewsCheck — RSS reader application for OS Wear. This is a super simple solution that allows you to keep track of news feeds that you use. If you do not, the app can help you find an appropriate to offer or to use the media.

Wear Audio Recorder

We’ve all been in a situation when a recording device would be useful, but it is not. A simple Wear app for audio recording, which starts recording immediately after startup, making the process super easy. The recorded sound is synced with your phone for later playback.

Wear Advanced Settings (Change advanced settings)

If you consider yourself an advanced user, you will probably find this app useful. It gives you access to many advanced control over the device Wear OS, especially if you have it Root-rights. If you do not know what it is, think about how to use this app exclusively for one of its functions, it will emit a vibration at the time of the disconnection between the phone and smart watch. This minimizes the chance of accidental loss or theft of your phone.

Gesture Launcher

Speaking about the advanced capabilities of management, necessary to mention this launcher that uses gestures to activate applications, saving you from having to scroll through the list. For example, the command to run the application, the flashlight can serve as drawing a circle on the screen.

Do you know of any other cool apps Wear OS that we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments!