Best Mathematics Apps For School

Translators, maps, Cribs, reference books and encyclopedias – all this the child can put in your pocket and go to class. His cell phone can be a good addition to his studies, helping to learn more and faster than the school program and the city library allow. To do this, you only need to download to your mobile phone on Android applications, which will be discussed below.

Working on numbers is the basis of school knowledge that will be useful in physics, chemistry, computer science and even a foreign language – to sum up points for study. And thanks to the smartphone, this work will become easier. For example, coupled with the “Pythagoras” can not record abstract formulas and conversions. This is a guide for schoolchildren and students, which contains information on the school program and the course of the University. And if you want something not just to peek, and calculate, then you can use Math Helper. This app is for solving math problems of school and University course. At the same time in the paid version, you can see step by step how the final result was obtained. In addition to the mathematical calculator, the program also has a small guide.

 Math Formulas

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Want to keep your trigonometric formulas separate from algebraic ones? This app will be your assistant in mathematics.
The application stores frequently used formulas classified by branches of mathematics, which provides quick and easy access to them. You can also create a section that contains your favorite formulas. Information about formulas is also provided with drawings, if necessary, as in the case of geometry.

Math Formulas Download

Prodigy Math Game

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With over 900 crucial math skills for Grades 1 – 8, Prodigy is the perfect game to learn math at home and at school!

1. Full compliance with core training programs (e.g., Common Core, Ontario, TEKS, MAPS)
2. Analysis of the performance of all students for the correct distribution of classes.
3. 24/7 in real time
4. Built-in game formative, diagnostic and final scores.

Prodigy Math Game Download

Math Workout

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This is a good brain charger. Excellent educational game with which you can improve your math skills and oral score. The application includes several types of training in which you need to quickly solve the examples as quickly as possible giving an answer to the questions. Every wrong answer and too long thinking adds penalty time.

According to the test results, you can see what place you occupy in the world ranking. In the settings you can set the complexity and number of tasks.

Math Workout Download