Top 8 apps for iOS and Android ( September 2018)

Kiwi Browser

Kiwi — browser style Google Chrome. The developers have created a Kiwi, based on Chromium, so no wonder he is so like the famous browser from Google. Thanks to the performance and small size, Kiwi is perfect for reading and watching videos.

Best mobile applications August 2018

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AutoPick is a simple scanner for documents. The app allows you to scan documents and save them in electronic format, after which they can be edited. The whole application consists of three steps: highlight the text, scan it with the camera and insert the result into a text file.

Best mobile applications August 2018

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Notes by Firefox

Notes — a Notepad from Firefox. Although the design of the application is quite simple, it allows you to sync notes between your smartphone and PC. For this you will need to register a Firefox account and install the plugin Notes on the browser.

Best mobile applications August 2018

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Castle Burn

This RTS game has appeared recently, but already managed to get high ratings and praise. Matches in Castle Burn are PvP-battle, where the goal is to destroy the enemy castle. Tools of warfare abound here: knights, wizards, dragons, heroes, towers and powerful spells. Mana, the only gaming resource, is extracted from the sanctuaries that need constant protection because of the constant pressure from the enemy. The application is free and translated into Russian language.

Best mobile applications August 2018

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IFTTT (If This Then That) is an application that combines other services on your smartphone. IFTTT creates the applets that are included by specific triggers. For example, you can make and store or share pictures once they are done, or to synchronize publication in social networks and blogs. IFTTT supports over 600 applications, including Twitter, Telegram, Google Drive, Twitch, Weather Underground, Instagram, Gmail, and virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

Best mobile applications August 2018

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Animatix adds elements of animation in the pictures. The app is still new, and yet there are only 24 style of animation that allow you to turn a photo into a cartoon, comic or work of art.

Best mobile applications August 2018

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Non — app for relaxation and meditation. Non not uses pre-recorded song, and generates sounds right while listening to what each session is unique. Latest update added new audio generators and fixed timing of the day and night in different countries (Non reflects this).

Best mobile applications August 2018

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App in the Air

This application will be useful to those who fly often. App in the Air informs about changes and flight delays, gives you the opportunity to follow the route of the flight right in flight, and the last update fixed the map and updated watch

Best mobile applications August 2018